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Our Mission, Vision and Core Values.


Our Mission
To serve each patient through providing the highest level of quality care with compassion and respect.


Our Vision

To be the natural choice of hospice and palliative care services in the Tri-county area.


Our Core Value Statements


Value Our People- By having clear goals and empowering people to act and make decisions, we create an environment that allows people to develop to their fullest potential.


Patient Centered- We always strive to exceed expectations, please our patients and build long lasting relationships. We go the limit for service excellence, quality, and honesty every time we touch our patients’ lives.


Integrity is Key- We are honest, responsible and trustworthy.  We will always do what we believe is in the best interest of our patients even if it comes at an additional cost to the company.  We honor our commitments and keep our promises 100% of the time.


Collaboration is Vital- We use best practices in thinking globally but acting locally to achieve results through strong collaboration and communication.    


Respect Others Always- We believe that the viability of our service is dependent upon always treating our patients fairly and with the utmost respect. Treating others how we would expect to be treated is ingrained into the moral fiber of our company both internally and externally.


Community Commitment- We will always entrench into the communities we serve through “giving-back” campaigns and initiatives that support like-minded organizations to help those in need which makes the world a better place one small positive action at a time.